Hardware & Network Engg.

Honours Diploma in Hardware & Network Engineering 
Module – I
DCAI: Diploma in Computer Assembling & Installation

  • Electronic Concepts (Analog & Digital), Micro Processors, Memory Ports, connectors, expansion Cards & Peripherals
  • Assembling & Servicing of Computers Trouble shooting & preventive maintenance of PC
  • Basics of Operating Systems (DOS, Windows & Linux)
  • Installation of Software, Hardware & Multimedia etc.

Module – II

CLS: Chiplevel Laptop Servicing

  • Basic Electronics, Identification of SMD components
  • Chiplevel study of Desktop & Laptop Motherboard
  • Assembling and disassembling of different laptops
  • Working of different components, ports and connectors of laptops
  • Troubleshooting of different sections of laptops

Module – III
DNM: Diploma in Network Management

  • Network concepts, peer to peer, server based & combination networks
  • Windows Server  Administration (which enables to get MCTS certification from Microsoft)
  • Administration & Installation of Linux Server

Module – IV
DAHWN: Diploma in Advanced Hardware & Wireless Networking

  • Recovery concepts, Disk imaging and Partitioning tools
  • System Backup & Recovery, Restoring deleted & formatted data
  • Wireless Networking Overview Types – Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure
  • Wireless Access Point & Client Setup, Wireless security
  • Wireless router Setup for Internet Access
  • Firewall & MAC Filtering, router Setup for Internet Backup
  • Restore & Update router configuration, Troubleshooting the WLAN

Module – V
CCNA: CISCO Certified Network Associate
(Which enables to get CCNA Certification from CISCO)

  • IP Addressing and solving VLSM problems
  • Basic Routing configuration in Stimulation and Original Router
  • Configuration of IP routing, Access control list, PPP, Frame relay, configuring NAT/ PAT
  • Introducing to VPN, V6, Wireless networking

Field Training