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The future is bright in the Training industry with the emergence of extremely profitable segments. We believe that as the industry grows and prospers further, only experienced and professional organization and alliances can cater to their specific needs. BDPS, from its infancy, was developed with a vision to mentor and tutor students to develop, grow and excel in all walks of life through higher education in India and Abroad.

Investing in the training industry
As with any investment, much thought and reflection goes into the decision-making process. Inevitable questions such as “How can I best use my education and skills?” and “How can I best help my fellow citizens while at the same time better my situation?” often come up as a potential franchisee evaluates his or her interest and level of commitment in a franchisor franchisee relationship. We understand the concern in the mind of the prospective franchisee about his time, energy, and money investments. We take the partnerships we form with Franchisees very seriously. This level of commitment to our partners is the foundation of our success! It could also be the basis of your success as a BDPS franchisee.

The process
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Let us sit together and evaluate to find out how we can grow together. We will discuss in detail about the Marketing, Operations and financial aspects. We shall also arrange for the Site survey of your location for technical feasibilities.

On successful evaluation, we shall enter into Franchise Agreement along with initial investments payments.

Center Setup
Your center will be set up with required technology know how to start the operations successfully.

Training Support
We shall give you elaborate training to achieve operation excellence and meet the objective and mission of BDPS.